Glassix [v.0.20] (2017) (Multi)

Release: Glassix.[v.0.20].(2017).(Multi)

  • Sprache: Multi
  • Format: rar
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  • Größe: 2360 MB
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Glassix focus on the story and liberty. You are free to roam the city, interact with girl and give them order. But don't push it too far at the beginning. Build up your relation over time and they'll do whatever you want in the end !

Current features :

11 girls with unique kinks

11 extra girls with limited interaction which will be fully playable later

Roam in the city and interact with the girls

7 districts to explore, more than 150 locations !

4 obedience level to trigger and increase the girls willingness to perform pervert act with you

City map interface to easily find your way
Affection and obedience management. You'll need to raise both for the girl to act as you want.

A lot of features planned such as : money, part time job, school grades, romantic dating events with girls, choose an official girlfriend and more !

And of course, a lot more H stuff will be added in each new version.

Date: 2017
Genre: 3DCG, ADV, All sex, Animation, Fantasy, Flash, Hypnosis, Oral, Simul, SLG, Titziob, Incest, Mom-Son, Brother-Sister
Developer / Publisher: Gaweb Studio -
Publication Type: In Progress
Version: v.0.20
Platform: PC / Windows
Language of the game: English, French, Russian, Polish
Medicine: not required
Size: 2360 MB

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